Introducing STEM in Schools
Learn Coding Concepts

How does CoderMindz teaches coding and AI concepts and could introduce schools to STEM?  CoderMindz he only game in this world that introduces everyone to many AI concepts. It teaches Image Recognition, Training, Inference, Data, Adaptive Learning, Autonomous and more. Also teaches Coding concepts like Loops, Functions, Conditionals and Algorithm writing and more.Turns out that all languages like Python, Java, C, C++ and AI languages and frameworks like Pytorch, Tensor, Caffe, Theano uses the same concepts of coding and AI. So once kids play CoderMindz they learn and understand coding and AI concepts better. CoderMindz has been featured at various Maker Faires. 

CoderMindz program could be easily adapted at coding schools, home schools, workshops or school programs.

* Kids (all ages 4-104!) can learn at home
* STEM Labs or classroom instruction
* Technology camps
* Gifted Programs
* Tutoring
* Montessori
* After school program
* Workshops Maker space / Hacker space events
* Clubs such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and more

Program facilitator, teacher or a lead student could help with few simple steps. With 5 games it could cover a class of 20. Here is a breakdown on how the lab would look like -

* Setup the game - 5 minutes
* Explain the rules and setup level (for image recognition setup images) - 10 min
* Play the game - 10-20 mins
* Write the algorithm - 10 mins
* The next lab sessions could use different image recognition pieces or levels.
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